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    UniQue MicroTissue Candy Pack Coin Tissues-500 pieces per box -Drop Into Water Or Any Cleaning Solution , Then Unroll Tissues , use to clean hands and other items that need cleaning , Retail Box, No Warranty

    The Perfect Companion

    Product Overview

    The UniQue MicroTissue Compressed Coin Towel is the diameter of a R2 Coin which turns immediately into a super light , strong, soft wet biodegradable Towel just by adding a small amount of water. Sometimes a product comes along that has that wow factor! Closing the gap between the tissue and a basic wet one, this  MicroTissue Towel arrives compressed to carry in your Pocket, Handbag, Car for those all too often times you need a wipe!

    The UniQue MicroTissue Towels are so versatile that they can be used in a myriad of applications, the only additive is the liquid you chose! Try refreshing clean water from your bottle, stream, lake, kettle, tap or hose. Splash on a tablespoon of liquid and watch it grow! Wet and Unroll an absorbent, practical, multipurpose, baby soft, scent-free cloth.

    Each MicroTissue Towels are individually sealed in a candy pack and are completely Germ Free as no bacteria can survive in this compressed state, This means that each time you add liquid you get a fresh towel.

    You can add just Water, Scents, Aseptic Preparations for First aid or you can just soak up messy spills.
    Use for Finger Bowls at Dinner Parties or restaurants . Add Hot water for warm towel or cold water for refreshing feel on hot days.
    These Towels can be used for FIRST AID when you are looking for a Gauze Swab as the Towel soaks up the blood, or as an emergency antiseptic swab. Make sure you have some in your First Aid Kits.
     Ideal Uses:
    • Baby & Toddler for that messy clean up
    • Wiping up Spills around the House
    • Sports for that refreshing Wipe
    • Cycling by just adding a small amount of water from water bottle
    • Hiking, Trekking, Back Packers, Camping
    • In a Boat, Motor Homes, Caravans! Dining, Dinner Parties, Seafood, and Braai’s
    • Use for Finger Bowls at Dinner Parties or Restaurants
    • 100% natural; contains no alcohol; and has no added chemicals; and zero scents.
    • 100% compressed is Germ Free and is a pure hypoallergenic wipe suitable for all skin types.
    • One wipe is everything you need it to be! Anywhere, Everywhere, a totally fresh Towel for all

    • Compressed as a coin, easy to carry the tissue
    • Harmless to your skin and to the smooth surface
    • Biodegradable, environmental ,friendly product
    • Size:23x25cm/pc
    • Colour: White
    • Material:100% Viscose
    • Contains:500 pieces per box
    Price: R 253.05
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    8 - ExcellentBy John Hayward - 17/11/2014 16:32
    Good concept
    Customers like the concept. Ladies keep it in thei... read more...

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