Stk# SP-2415 C
    Product Code: SP-2415 C
    Seiko SP-2415-132coloum 9-pin dot matrix printer, bidirectional (text) 300 cps (Super Speed Draft), Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty
    Product Overview
    The Seikosha SP-2415 is a high-speed dot-matrix printer designed to provide rapid response and versatility. As well as maximizing throughput - performing at up to 300 cps (Super Speed Draft mode) - the bi-directional 9-pin print head delivers excellent quality with a choice of 5 attractive type styles. Also, with its wide carriage and impact printing mechanism, the SP-2415 AI can handle multipart forms and even B4 paper - smoothly and efficiently. And when high volumes are called for, the optional cut-sheet feeder (CSF) helps to further enhance productivity. Plus, two interfaces and two  emulations ensure hardware/software compatibility. So whatever the challenge, Seikosha SP-2415 AI is your perfect partner.
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