Seiko FB-390 24 PIN Dot Matrix Flatbed Printer 420cps, Copies 1+6 max 0.45mm Retail Box 1 year Limited Warranty The FB-390 from SEIKO Precision is a low cost 24 needle flatbed printer specifically designed for SMB, front desk, Small office and Home office applications. The typical operating environment is the classical customer service counter application as well as protocol printers for cash registers and technical systems, simple banking counter and front office applications using a wide variety of multi copy forms and carbon copy sets where speed, reliability, robustness and ease of use and simple operation combined with good print quality and low operating cost are key factors. 
      The EPSON® Emulation in combination with both parallel Centronics as well as USB (2.0) Interface allow for quick and easy installation as well as the replacement of older or no longer available printers from other brands.
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Combing high speed, high quality output with advanced paper handing capabilities, this versatile, 24-pin, flatbed printer is ideal for a wide range of multi-part and cut-sheet printing requirements. Reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use are key features, making the FB-390 the perfect choice for performing demanding applications in a variety of environments.
Versatile, Reliable, Straight Paper Path:
The straight paper path enables paper to feed through the printer without bending, thus reducing the risk of paper jamming. The versatile FB-390 prints on a wide variety of paper types from 7-part forms to labels, envelopes and reports, as well as media up to 0.45mm thick.
Easy Paper Handing:
The printer has several other useful features, which help eliminate paper handing problems and ensure quick, accurate results.
Automatic paper loading/ejection with automatic skew detection:

The automatic paper load function ensures cut sheet paper fed into the printer is correctly positioned. The FB-390 also has an automatic skew detection function, which ejects forms which are not fed in straight.
At the touch of a button, tractor paper loaded onto the tractor is automatically set to the printing position. When printing is completed, the paper feeds out to the front table for easy tear-off.
Zero tear-off function:

This causes tractor paper to be automatically fed to the tear-off position at the edge of the window cover, for easy tear-off at the perforations after printing. This zero tear-off capability helps eliminate paper wastage.

Paper park function:

A simple command on the control panel enables the tractor paper to be retracted (parked) outside of the print mechanism so that after switching the paper path select lever, cut sheet paper can be fed into the printer from the front.

After the cut sheet paper has been printed, reverse the paper path lever so that the fanfold stationery can be advanced back into the print mechanism for the next print job.
Automatic Interface Switching:
The FB-390 is equipped with two interface connectors and therefore accepts both parallel (Centronics) and USB data transfer. The printer automatically detects the type of data transfer received from the host computer and switches to the corresponding interface type.
High Resolution Graphics:
A maximum resolution of 360×360 DPI enables the printer to produce fine, sharp graphics.
User- Friendly Control Panel:
Current print status and access to all printer functions is available via simple commands from the control panel. In addition, the control panel is used to access the menu system (Setup Menu System) with complete control over the printer’s set-up functions.
The printer supports the Epson ESC/P2 emulation as standard.
Bar Code Generator:
NW-7, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code 39, Industrial 2of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 128B, and Code 128C are built-in as standard.

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