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    Tescom Otima 1.1KVA Rackmount Line Interactive Sine wave UPS, Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty

    Product Overview
    Tescom Otima 1100VA Rack Mount UPS – Management software & Cable Included- Perfect UPS for SMEs & integrating into corporate solution. Otima Series provides server-grade full power protection from power failure, spikes and surge in small footprint with enhanced output power factor 0.8.
    Combining flexible rack/tower form factor and easy-shift LCD panel design, this series is perfect for networking, telecom, server and mission-critical applications.The Otima Series are sine wave units, manufactured with state of the art technology, producing microprocessor controlled output. These Rack Mount Units usually has a typical runtime of 10 – 120 minutes.


    •Pure sine wave inline UPS
    •User-friendly and easy-shift LCD display
    •High flexibility with Rack/Tower design
    •Output Power Factor 0.8
    •Programmable power management outlets
    •ECO (Efficiency Corrective Optimizer) operation for energy saving
    •Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
    •Boost and Buck AVR for voltage stabilization

    • Capacity VA/W- 1100VA / 880W
    • Voltage -110/120 VAC or 208/220/230/240 VAC
    • Acceptable Voltage Range -81-145 VAC or 162-290 VAC
    • Frequency Range -60/50 Hz (Auto sensing)
    • Output Voltage-110/120 VAC or 208/220/230/240 VAC
    • Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) -± 3 % (Before battery alarm)
    • Frequency Range (Batt. Mode) -50 Hz or 60 Hz ± 1 Hz
    • Current Crest Ratio -3:1
    • Harmonic Distortion -8% max @ 100% linear load(before alarm)
    • Transfer Time -Typical 2-6 ms, 10ms max.
    • Waveform (Batt. Mode) -Pure Sinewave
    • Battery Type & Number 12 V/9 Ah x 2
    • Typical recharge time- 4 hours recover to 90% capacity
    • Dimension, DxWxH (mm) 380 x 438 x 88
    • Net Weight (kgs) -10.8

    • AC Mode -97%
    • Buck & Boost Mode -90%
    • Battery Mode -83%
    • Charging Voltage -27.4 VDC ± 1%
    • Full Protection -Overload, discharge, and overcharge protection
    • LCD Display -AC Mode, Battery Mode, Load Level, Battery Level, Input Voltage, Output Voltage

    • Battery Mode -Sounding every 10 seconds
    • Low Battery -Sounding every second
    • Overload -Sounding every 0.5 second
    • Fault -Continuously sounding
    • Noise Level -Less than 45dB

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