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Stk# CBGR0500K

Evolis Black Monochrome Printer Ribbon -for Badgy100 and 200 Printers ,up to 500 prints Retail Box , 1 year Limited Warranty

Product Overview

Evolis CBGR0500K card printer black ribbon produces black images and texts on photo ID cards using your Evolis Badgy100 and Badgy200 printers. Evolis CBGR0500K can produce up to 500 card prints.
The black monochrome printer ribbon has a clear overlay (yield: 100 cards).Genuine Evolis ribbons are specially designed to guarantee optimum operation of your printer without any risk of damage. 

Please note:
Black (K) monochrome ribbons need to be used to print readable barcodes.


• Black monochrome ribbon for 500 prints
• Compatible with Badgy100 & 200 card printers only
• Stock Code CBGR0500K
• Description Evolis CBGR0500K card printer black ribbon
• Number of Prints - Prints 500 images per roll
• 1 black ribbon (yield: 500 cards)
• Compatible with Evolis Badgy 100 and Badgy 200 printers
• Shelf life -Up to one year, when stored under the proper conditions

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